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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Leviticus 23:44

And Moses declared unto the children of Israel the feasts of the LORD.

For further study - Leviticus 23:23-44

Last time we visited Leviticus for our daily devotional we read from Leviticus 23:1-14 which has the directive from God to Moses, to the Jewish people about the seven "Jewish Feast." In our last reading we read about the first three of the Jewish feast, of the seven Jewish Feast. These are feast that the Lord gave to Moses, who then declared them to the Jews, verse 44.

Remember, that the first three feast, the spring feast were all fulfilled by Jesus Christ in their proper day sequences. Christ was crucified on Passover, buried on Unleavened Bread and resurrected on First Fruits.

As we come to our reading for today, we focus in on the last three Feast, the fall Jewish feast, Trumpets, Day of Atonement and Tabernacles. Verses 23-25 give the directions for the “Feast of Trumpets”. This feast day occurs on the first day of the seventh Jewish month, around the month of October.

This feast is when the “shofar” or the trumpet will be blown to signify the beginning of the feast days. There are ten days between the first fall feast day and the second feast day, or should I say "fast day," because it is the day when the Jewish people "afflict" themselves, verse 29. I’ll have more on this feast day, in a moment.

Then the last of the feast days, "Tabernacles" is on the fifteenth day of the seventh Jewish month. These three “fall feast days” will also be fulfilled, as were the three "spring feast days", by Jesus Christ, in the proper day sequence.

The "second coming" of Jesus Christ will occur on the Feast of Trumpets, remember that is not the "rapture", but the second coming of Christ on the Feast of Trumpets. During the ten days, the ten "awesome days", which lead up to the the Day of Atonement, today, the Jewish people endeavor to make sure that they are included in the "Book of Life."

The truth be known, the Jewish people will be cast into the "lake of fire", Revelation 20:11-15, at the Great White Throne Judgment, if their name is not in the "Book."

Jesus Christ will be in the Temple on the next "fast day", “Yom Kippur”, the Day of Atonement, at the time of His return to Earth. Jesus has never been in the Holy of Holies in a temple that stood on the Temple Mount when He was on Earth.

Jesus will enter the Holy of Holies when He returns to Jerusalem for the purpose of the salvation of the Jewish people on the Day of Atonement, Hebrews 9:25-28. That day the Jews will be saved, in a day, Zechariah 3:9, as Jesus, the "high priest" will enter the temple. Five days later, on the Feast of Tabernacles, Jesus will begin the Millennial Kingdom.

So it is that Jesus will fulfill all of the Jewish feast days, the last three yet in the future. By the way, that future may well be a short-lived future. Before these three Jewish feast days that Moses declared to the Jewish people, verse 44, the "rapture" will take place. The "rapture" will happen before the Jewish feast days are fulfilled. The Rapture could happen today... Even so come Lord Jesus.

PRAYER THOUGHT: Thank You Lord for being a faithful God who always keeps His promises to us. Help us to be faithful in our service to you.