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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Exodus 31:17

 It is a sign between me and the children of Israel forever.

For further study – Exodus 31:12-18

As we come to our devotional reading today you will notice that I have jumped over several chapters in Exodus to the selected passage for this devotion. Before I discuss the scripture for today, a word about chapters 26 through 31.

Exodus 26 is discussing the “tabernacle” and its structure, as is the case in chapter 27. Exodus 28 and 29 look at the items needed for the “high priest”. Chapter 30 is instruction on “worship in a tabernacle”. This is information that is presently being studied very carefully in Jerusalem at the Temple Institute.

I remind you that the people at the Temple Institute are the ones that have made the Temple furniture for the next Temple as well as have done the training of many of those that will be serving in the next Temple. Exodus and Leviticus both contain the source of information needed to prepare for the next Temple.

Now let’s look at our selected passage for today, Exodus 31:12-18. The theme in this passage is the “Sabbath” and the “sign” it is for the Jewish people. The Lord instructs Moses to teach the Jewish people that “obedience” is key to all “religious duties”.

Moses is told that the “Sabbath” is a “sign between me and you throughout your generations”, verse 13. The Lord wants the Jewish people to “keep the Sabbath”, observe a day of “rest” because He had set the example on the seventh day of Creation, Genesis 2:1-3.

The Sabbath was a “sign” of the covenant that made Israel a “theocracy”. The Sabbath, then and today, marked Israel out as God’s people. Observing the Sabbath showed that the Israelites were set apart to God. This is still true today.

The Jews are “marked” as God’s people and they are “set apart” to serve God. Though we as Christians are not told to observe the Sabbath we are also a “marked” people and “set apart” to God for His purposes, what ever they may be for each of us.

God is not finished with the Jews today, as evidenced with the present-day observance of the Sabbath by the Jews. This day is set aside by those who observe the “day of rest” as the “sign”, the sign between God and His people, the covenant people, the Jewish people.

God will work among the Jews with intensity after the Rapture of the Christians and the seven years of Tribulation starts here on earth. One of the main purposes for this time of “judgment on the earth and earth-dwellers” is to turn the Jews to the true Messiah, Jesus Christ.

But do remember, before this work among the Jews begins the Rapture happens. And also remember, it could happen today, so keep looking up.

PRAYER THOUGHT: Dear Lord, help me to live in light of the "any moment" Rapture of the Church, which includes me. Also, thank you for your great work among the Jewish people today.