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Saturday, June 15, 2013

I Samuel 3:20

And all Israel from Dan even to Beersheba knew that Samuel was established to be a prophet of the LORD.

For further reading - I Samuel 3:1-21

As we continue our journey through the Bible, we come to the book of I Samuel, which is the record of Samuel, the one who would be not only a priest, but a prophet to the Jewish people as well. Samuel would be used by God to select the first King of Israel, King Saul.

He would also be the messenger from God who would pass along the Lord's command to destroy a people, the Amalekites, descendants of Esau and his grandson, AmalekGenesis 36:12.

Our devotional for today also records how the Lord would call this one who would become a prophet. In fact, the Lord did actually call Samuel a number of times and each time Samuel thought someone else was calling him. Finally, Samuel recognized that it was the Lord calling and he responded, "Speak, Lord, for thy servant heareth."

What a profound statement. It states that Samuel had made the Lord, the Lord of his life and ministry. It also states in verse 9 that Samuel was not enamored with the fact he was a priest and a prophet.

Samuel, in his mind, was a "servant" which made him ready to do whatever the Lord called him to do. This is an excellent example for each of us. No matter our position, we are to be servants. It is also our responsibility to listen to the Lord for His direction and instruction - not to set our own agenda.

Samuel was living in the area of Shiloh, the location for the Tabernacle that housed the Ark of the Covenant for some 350 years. This account dates back over 3,000 years to a time when the Jewish nation was headquartered in Shiloh.

I make mention of this fact because Shiloh today is in a very controversial location in the heart of the disputed territories, sometimes erroneously referred to as the "West Bank." The Biblical terminology for this geographical area is Judea and Samaria. The record shows that God brought the Children of Israel into the Promised Land and gave them the land, including Shiloh, Joshua 18:1.

I remind you that the land is God's land, Leviticus 25:23, and He gives it to whomever He chooses. In fact, this passage in Leviticus, on the land, indicates that God has chosen the Jewish people to be the "caretakers" of His land.

Shiloh will continue to be a center of controversy among the nations of the world at this time in history, but will belong to the Jewish people forever, one day in the future. Until then, there will be conflict.

PRAYER THOT: Help me to be Your servant, ready for Your anytime call to join You in the heavens, at the time of the Rapture .