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Friday, June 28, 2013

I Kings 2:12

Then sat Solomon upon the throne of David his father; and his kingdom was established greatly.

For further study - I Kings 2:1-12

This is the record of the death of one King and the installation of another. It is also the first installment of the promise made to King David. Before we look at these two issues, let's look at King David's charge to his son who was to become "King of Israel".

As David began the charge he used a very picturesque description for his pending death. "I go the way of all the earth", is a statement that shows David was a realist who knew he would soon die and thus the reason for the charge to his son, the "heir apparent".

As I read the "charge", I was reminded of the "charge" Moses gave to Joshua. There are some familiar phrases which are actually good Biblical principles for us to follow as well.

Notice verse 3. David charges Solomon to "walk in the Lord's ways and to keep His statutes", as written in the word of God. The promise for doing this will be that Solomon and each of us also will prosper.

Just this reminder - to "prosper" is not necessarily to be "wealthy". That is not what the Lord has in mind. The Lord's idea of "prosper" is to “fulfill the will of the Lord for our lives and to bring glory to Him”.

Before I look at the first installment of God's promise to King David, notice verse 10. King David, after serving 40 years as King of the Jewish people, dies and is buried in the city of David, which is the city of Jerusalem.

The place of David's burial is the actual location of where the events of what happened in Acts 2 took place. The Day of Pentecost, when the church was born, is at the same spot where King David is buried, Acts 2:29.

Verse 12 tells us that David's son Solomon did indeed ascend to the "throne of his father" and thus fulfilled the first installment of the Davidic Covenant, II Samuel 7:12-13.

This is evidence that God's plan was in force and will be in force in the future as well. The Davidic Covenant will be fulfilled - a King from David's family will be on the throne in the Temple in Jerusalem with a Kingdom that will be forever.

Solomon was the first installment of that promise. The coming Messiah, Jesus Christ will be the ultimate fulfillment of the Davidic Covenant. I believe we are living in the days of that Kingdom, which is yet to come.

The "chain of events" leading up to that "Kingdom Temple" is found in God’s Word. The Rapture, precedes the Tribulation Period, the seven years of judgment on the Earth. At the end of the time of judgment Jesus Christ returns to Earth to set up His Kingdom, with Jesus on the "throne, in the Temple".

Notice that the next event on God’s "agenda of end time events" is the Rapture and it can happen at any time, even today. Keep looking up.

PRAYER THOT: Thank you for keeping Your promises, Lord, to each of us, as You did to King David.