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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Leviticus 25:23

The land shall not be sold for ever: for the land is mine, for ye are strangers and sojourners with me.

For further study - Leviticus 25:1-24

As we come to our devotional reading today we read a portion of scripture that deals with a large piece of real estate that is the most controversial in the world, the land of Israel and the surrounding Arab States. God’s Word has the answer to the controversy.

The land of the Bible, the land inhabited by Jews and Arabs, is not the land of the Jews or the Arabs. The land belongs to God Himself, verse 23. It is His choice to whom the land will be given.

The land in question, Israel, is only one tenth of what the Lord has promised the Jews, Genesis 15:18. And yet, they are actually only caretakers - it is His land. Notice that again. The land does not belong to the Jews, or the Arabs, the “land”, all of it, belongs to God.

Notice again that I said the ”land” that now is occupied by the Jews is only “one tenth” of the land that God has promised them. According to the 38 different Biblical passages that deal with the true borders of the Jewish State of Israel, the “future Israel”, will be ten times what it is today.

The total landmass for the Jewish people will include land that is now being “occupied” by the Arab world and includes three quarters of Egypt, all of Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and three quarters of Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

All the land that God has promised the Jewish people will only become theirs in the Millennial Kingdom. The land will in fact be theirs forever, even on the New Earth in “eternity future”. However,  until the return of Jesus, the Messiah, and the setting up of the Kingdom, there will be a continuing conflict in the Middle East over the land.

The "land" promised to the Jews is an “eternal inheritance” as is the New Jerusalem for the Christian - the New Jerusalem where God and Jesus will dwell among us, forever, Revelation 21:22.

PRAYER THOT: Thank you Lord for making all things understandable. Thank you also Lord for  the fact that You will keep Your promise to the Jewish people of their total area of “land” that they will receive in the future, it is assurance that You will keep all your promises to me as a Christian as well.