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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Exodus 3:6

Moreover he said, I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. And Moses hid his face; for he was afraid to look upon God.

For further study –Exodus 3:1-12

Our devotional for today is taken from the third chapter of the second book of the “Torah”, the “Law” to the Jewish people. Of course, it is the second book of the Old Testament to us who are Christians. However, before we look at this third chapter a quick review of Exodus 1 and 2.

Exodus 1 and 2 are the record of the “children of Israel” that came into the land of Egypt, the Egyptian bondage and the birth and early life of the “deliverer” of the Jewish people out of the “bondage”, Moses.

Exodus 1:1-6 is the record of the members of Jacob’s family, the ones who came with their father into Egypt. Verses 7 to 22 give the account of the bondage and the Pharaoh’s charge to cast the boy babies into the river and save the girl babies, verse 22.

Exodus 2 is the birth and protection of the baby boy Moses and then a brief account of the first two-thirds of his life. This is the transition to the third chapter of the very important book of Exodus and all that the narrative reveals about how the Lord would raise up a “man” to deliver the Jews out of the Egyptian bondage and send them toward the “promised land”.

Now we come to the devotional reading for today. I hope that you find time to read the first two chapters of Exodus to get the background of everything else we will discuss about this book. May I suggest that as we travel through the prophetic chapters and passages of the Bible you will be able to read the supplemental passages also.

Exodus 3
 is the record of the Lord calling Moses to be the “deliverer” of his own people, the Jews. Verse 2 tells us that “the angel of the Lord”, a phrase that introduces a pre-incarnate appearance of Jesus Christ, appears to Moses in a ”flame of fire, out of a bush”, a “burning bush”.

Jesus told Moses that he was on “holy ground”, to take off his shoes. Jesus then presented Himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the “God of his father”. This introduction to Moses was to assure him that He was the God that could do all things, even deliver the Jews out of the bondage.

The Lord told Moses that he would lead his people out of the Egyptian bondage into freedom and into “a land flowing with milk and honey”, verse 8. We will see that two of the twelve spies sent into the “promised land” would return with a report that indeed the land was a land of “milk and honey”. We will have more on that event, later.

The events covered in these chapters played a key role in the return of the Jewish people to their land, a land that the Lord had promised the Jews, not only at this time in history, but in the future and into “eternity future” as well.

This account and what it records about the Jews is so significant to the end time prophecies in God’s Word that pertain to the Jews, the land and God’s relationship to His “chosen people”. This account gives us the evidence that God did, and will, bring the Jews from wherever they may be back into the land He has given them for an eternal possession.

God makes promises and then follows through in the fulfillment of those promises. That is a great assurance to each of us as it pertains to our future with God and Jesus, starting with the Rapture, the next event on God’s calendar of future events. The Rapture could happen today, remember, so keep looking up.

PRAYER THOT: Help me to live in light of the truth that the Rapture could happen today.