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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Romans 9:13

As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.
For further study - Romans 9:6-14

Tucked into the doctrinal teaching of Paul in this prophetic ninth chapter of Romans we find an example of the sovereignty of God as well as a very significant prophetic truth that will be played out in the end times.

Our key verse is a quote from an Old Testament prophet, the last of the prophets, Malachi. The quote is taken from the first chapter of Malachi where the Lord is speaking through "His messenger Malachi" to the Jews and the Palestinian people of today. I'll get into more on that in just a moment.
Malachi had told Jacob and the descendants of Jacob, the Jews, that he loved them, Malachi 1:2.

Then in verse 3, Malachi records the words of the Lord that He "hated" Esau. This is the quote that Paul wrote to the Romans and in particular the Jews in the church in Rome.

Remember, Romans 9, 10 & 11 are a message to the Jews about Israel past, Romans 9; Israel present, Romans 10; and Israel prophetic, Romans 11.

Verse 14 of our extended reading for today is an answer to anyone who might question the Lord as to whether He was unrighteous in His statement that He "hated" Esau. This word "hate" is not expressing an "emotional experience" of the Lord.

Reading verses 10-12 will help us to understand that this is an example of the "sovereignty" of God, not a "hatred" of Esau and his descendants. Notice in verse 11 how that before the twin boys of Isaac and Rebecca were even born, "neither having done any good or evil," that the Lord, through "sovereign selection," selected the younger twin to be born Jacob, to be served by the elder brother, Esau.

That was contrary to tradition. The eldest son was to receive the "birthright" and the "blessing" given to  him by his Father so that he would continue the heritage of his Father. God changed that and while the boys were still in their mother's womb God determined that the "elder" would serve the "younger".

This act of "hatred" had nothing to do with salvation, but "selection", selecting the elder son to serve the younger son. This is a significant selection by the Lord. It put in place a 4,000 year old conflict that will only be settled when Jesus returns to earth.

A study of a number of passages will reveal that Jacob, the second born, "selected seed," would become the nation of the Jewish people, Israel. The elder son, Esau, would be the father of the Edomites, the Palestinian people of today. (See my audio series, "Esau and the Palestinians".)

Ezekiel 35Malachi 1 and the little Old Testament book of Obadiah reveal that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict started over 4,000 years ago and will only be resolved when Jesus Christ returns to Jerusalem, Obadiah 15-18.

All the efforts of world leaders today will not completely resolve the Israeli-Palestinian (Jacob-Esau) conflict. Only Jesus can do that when He comes back.

By the way, the prophecies of this conflict between the Jews and the Palestinians have never been as intense as they are now, or at any other time in history. The prophetic resolution of the conflict could be very near to fulfillment.

The stage is set, all the actors are in place and the curtain is about to go up on the final act of this prophetic drama. Keep looking up, because before these prophecies are fulfilled, the Rapture happens and it could happen, today!

PRAYER THOUGHT: Dear Lord, please help me to recognize Your prophetic scenario, playing out in current events, and help me to live my Christian life in light of Your soon return to settle all conflicts.