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Thursday, December 1, 2022

III John 1:1-4

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

For further study - III John 1:1-4

Truth, "What is truth?" This question was asked of Jesus Christ by Pilate as Jesus stood before him just hours before He would die on the cross in Jerusalem. Jesus had answered Pilate's question a few hours before His appearance in the Judgment Hall. Pilate actually questions Jesus on a number of issues, John 18:28-38.

The first question directed at Jesus was, "Art thou the King of the Jews?", John 18:33. Jesus told Pilate that His kingdom was not of this world, or His servants would have fought to keep the Jews from crucifying Him. Pilate's response was another question. "Art thou a king then?" Jesus then told Pilate that He was born to be a King. That was the reason that He came into this world. As a King, Jesus was to bear witness of the truth.

This statement brought out several other questions from Pilate, "What is Truth?" However, this time Pilate did not wait for an answer and Jesus never responded. This was because He had basically already done so. Jesus had said that He was bearing witness of the Truth, and therefore what He had been saying is Truth.

It was earlier in the evening, in the Upper Room with His disciples, that He had revealed to them He was the Truth, John 14:6. In that Upper Room, the writer of III John - John the Apostle - was one of those who heard Jesus' claim to be the Truth.

John had been traveling with and learning from Jesus for over 3 years at this time. John knew that indeed Jesus was the Truth. It was that Truth that Jesus bore witness of that all who would come to Him, He would take to be with the Father.

John would go from Passion Week to establish a number of churches in Asia Minor, Revelation 2-3. It was his ministry of teaching the truth about Jesus Christ that was such a personal blessing to John. But John's greatest joy was to see and hear, III John 4of those he had ministered to that were "walking in the truth".

In the Last Days men will pervert the truth. They will have difficulty telling the truth because they do not have Him who is the Truth. The truth is that the opposite of truth, false teaching and deception, will get so bad that The Truth will return to make everything right. Until that time, we must spread the Truth, walk in the Truth, and teach others the Truth. Like John, this will give us great joy.

PRAYER THOUGHT: Thank you Lord for the Truth that sets me free, help me to spread the Truth to others.