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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

II Timothy 2:15

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

For further study - II Timothy 2:15-26

As I did this devotional for today it was very difficult to pick the key verse from the options available. I chose the one that exhorts us to "study" because I thought it would help us to do what the other two options would exhort us to do.

Verse 19 says "depart" and verse 22 says "flee". What "meat" one finds in these "Tips to Timothy in Troublesome Times," written by Paul.

I love to study the Word of God and I don't say that to be bragging. Since I started really studying prophecy in depth back in 1972 I have so enjoyed digging into God's Word, especially into the prophetic passages. Remember, you can not understand prophecy, which is 32% of the Bible, without studying the entire Bible. But for these 48 years the study of prophecy has been a blessing to me.

Notice it says, "study", not "speed read" the text. Don't misunderstand me, but some who read the entire Bible through every year have to read so quickly to keep up with the schedule and I want you to know that is not "study".

I am not opposed to reading the Bible through every year. To do that is a great spiritual exercise. But, don't substitute that for "study". This is "study" that is approved by God and that helps me, and you, to be workmen that are not ashamed.

This type of study and the results listed from that "study" come from "rightly dividing" this Word of Truth. That means "study" that will give us the true meaning of what God's Word is saying to us and what we can get out of our time in the Book.

There is so much that is good for us to learn in our extended passage. Let me look with you at two more verses. Notice the "depart" and "flee" verses.

In verse 19 Paul writes to us, through Timothy, to say that if we call ourselves Christians and name the name of Jesus, then we must "depart" from iniquity, from sin. That will only happen when we "study" the Word.

Then, verse 22 exhorts us to "flee" youthful lusts. Please don't think that this verse is only applicable for young people, some of us "old guys" can allow ourselves to return to the days of our youth and those "youthful lusts".

Again, as we study the Word and allow it to "dwell in our heart richly", Colossians 3:16, we will be better able to "flee" youthful lusts.

I would love to be able to spend more time in this passage, but what a blessing to be able to receive from God, to Paul, to Timothy and then to us these three great nuggets.

"Study", "depart", and "flee" and notice that these instructions are given just before Paul warns us of the "last days", II Timothy 3:1. These instructions found in our devotional passage for today tell us how to live as we await the shout from Jesus at the Rapture to join Him in the "air".

PRAYER THOUGHT: Help me Lord as I await the shout from Jesus to join Him in the heavenlies, to "study" your Word, "depart" from sin and "flee" youthful lusts.