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Friday, April 1, 2022

Song of Solomon 1:1

 The song of songs, which is Solomon's.

For further study - Song of Solomon 1:1-17

It is very interesting that we come today to read from the Song of Solomon, or as the Jews refer to the book, The "Song of Songs". It is interesting to note that on the Jewish Feast of Passover there will be Passover Seders in Jewish homes across the world. The book read during the Feast of Passover in Jewish families is the Song of Songs, which the Jewish people consider to be the "holy of holies" in Scripture.

A proper exegesis of the book reveals God's plan for marriage with input for the courtship, Song of Solomon 1:1-3:5; the ceremony, Song of Solomon 3:6-51; and the continuity, Song of Solomon 5:2-8:4.

There is also a secondary interpretation that is somewhat allegorical and it projects the "love" between Christ and His "bride”, the Church. Let me suggest that you first read the book with the proper interpretation, the Lord's instruction for the marriage process.

Then read the passage again and think of the Bridegroom and the Bride in their courtship, ceremony,
and continuity. However, this time have Christ as the Bridegroom, the "Beloved" and the Church, the "lover".

Truly we are in a marital pattern as we await the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. We are in the "engagement period", the courtship period. Jesus has gone to "prepare a place for us in His Father's house", the heavens. He will come to get us and quickly go to the "ceremony" for the consummation of the marriage.

As you read, think, even meditate on the truth of the coming marriage between Christ, the "Groom" and the Church, His "Bride". The reason the Jews read this book at Passover is because they consider Song of Songs an allegory. They believe it is describing the coming of the "Beloved", the Messiah and the woman, the "lover" as Israel.

I have suggested that you read the Song of Solomon with Jesus and the Church in mind. But remember, a proper interpretation of the book is that it's God's instructions for true, Godly romance and marriage.

Prophecy does tell us of the "marriage ceremony" that will take place soon after the Rapture of the Church, Revelation 19:7-9. Notice it tells us our wedding dress will be our "righteous acts" that will be judged at the Judgment Seat of Christ. As the "Bride" we must be preparing our "wedding gown" as we await the "Bridegroom", Jesus Christ.

PRAYER THOUGHT: Help me today to do righteous acts and prepare my wedding gown for a wedding ceremony in a near future tomorrow.