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Saturday, January 29, 2022

2 Samuel 5:12

And David perceived that the LORD had established him king over Israel, and that he had exalted his kingdom for his people Israel's sake.

For further reading - II Samuel 5:1-12

On our journey through the Bible we come now to the book of II Samuel. I Samuel is the record of the first King of Israel, King Saul. As we read through II Samuel you will see that it is the record of the second King of Israel, King David.

In the first chapter David hears of the death of King Saul and we see his reaction to the King’s death. David is made King of Judah in chapter 2 and moves his family to Hebron to reign over this one tribe of the twelve tribes of Israel in chapter 3.

The event recorded here in II Samuel 5 took place 3,000 years ago which is very significant as it relates to Jerusalem, both politically and prophetically. The men of the tribe of Judah had come to David to appoint the grown-up shepherd boy of Bethlehem as king of their tribe, II Samuel 2:4, how-be-it , only one of the tribes of the twelve of Israel.

King David would serve as King of Judah for 7 and a half years before all the tribal leaders of Israel would come to him where he served in Hebron, to make him the King of all twelve tribes. King David made a league with them before the Lord and they anointed David King over Israel.

Now David must find a neutral location to headquarter his kingdom, some location other than Hebron. David's search took him to a Jebusite stronghold between the tribal locations of Benjamin and Judah known as Jerusalem.

After capturing the city, King David makes Jerusalem the political capital of the Jewish people. By the way, that was done some 3,000 years ago - before the Islamic faith came into existence.

Jerusalem, and in particular the Temple Mount, became the political center for the Jews. The Jews were occupying the Temple Mount over 1,000 years before the Muslims were ever in existence, especially before the prophet of the Islamic faith ever thought of riding a horse from the stone under the Dome of the Rock into heaven to meet with Allah.

The truth be known, the Quran never even mentions Jerusalem and most Islamic scholars debate whether Mohammad ever was in Jerusalem.

King David has a real connection to the Temple Mount. The second King of Israel actually paid cash money for the Temple Mount, II Samuel 24:18-25, the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite.

God made King David a promise, the Davidic Covenant, that there would be a Jewish temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and one of his descendants would be there to serve as co-regent, administrator of the Temple Mount.

The Davidic Covenant cannot be broken, however, there is one exception. If you can make the sun, the moon, and the stars disappear, then the Lord would forget all the promises He made to the "chosen people", Jeremiah 33:20-21, and King David.

God used this shepherd boy, giant killer and natural leader to not only lead the Jewish people in ancient times but He will also raise King David to serve along side the Messiah Jesus Christ for the 1,000 year Kingdom that is coming to Jerusalem, a kingdom that will be there forever.

That "kingdom" is yet to come and it will be a literal kingdom here on the Earth. But before that time there will be a "terrible time of judgment" known as the "Tribulation". This is a seven-year period of time of "judgment" on the Earth, which is preceded by the Rapture of the Church.

The Church is made up of those of us who are true "Bible-believing born-again Christians". The Rapture, as I often remind you, could happen at any moment, even today. Keep looking up.

PRAYER THOUGHTDear Lord, as I await your call for me to join you in heaven at the Rapture, mold me and make me to your specs to serve you now - and forever.