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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Revelation 1:3

 Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.

For further study - Revelation 1:1-20

As we come to the book of Revelation for our daily devotions, we have come to the last book of the Bible that has the “end of times” scenario for all of those students who want to understand exactly what the Lord has planned for all of His creation.

We started with Genesis and have gone through the Bible, book by book, looking at the scripture for a devotional with a prophetic prospective in these pages of God’s Word. I’m amazed how each book of the Bible has passages that have a prophetic significance, not only the books that have been set apart focused on Bible Prophecy.

As we now visit this book of Revelation which is packed full of “end time prophecies”, I am going to encourage you to read through the entire book even though we will not be able to cover the whole book in our devotionals.

By the way, if you will read through Revelation and maybe listen to it on an audio Bible, and then go out into the world and live in light of what you read and hear, then you are promised a blessingverse 3.

As we look at this last book of the Bible, we see the "resurrected Jesus Christ" as described in the written word, Revelation 1:12-18. God gives the "message" of this book to Jesus. The Lord then gives the contents of this prophecy to an "angel", who will deliver it to John, verse 1. The title of the book is also found in that first verse, "The Revelation of Jesus Christ".

The first chapter presents Jesus Christ in His "person", His "power", and His "program". The "person" of Jesus Christ is the resurrected, glorified Son of God with white hair, verse 14a. The Lord's "white hair" depicts his purity and his longevity. Verse 14b tells of His "eyes" - eyes that see our every activity. The "feet" of Jesus, as described by John, are like brass that has been burned in the furnace, verse 15a, which speaks of Jesus as the "coming Judge".

The resurrected Christ has a "voice" like the sound of many waters. That voice spoke the worlds into existence. That voice will shout for us to join Him in the heavenlies at the Rapture. To those who have never been saved, that voice will one day say, "sorry, I never knew you."

Revelation 1:16 describes Jesus with the Seven Angels of the Seven Churches in His "hand", verse 20. In this verse, it depicts His word coming from His mouth as a "two-edged sword" and His "face", His countenance, as the sun shineth in its strength. The power of Jesus is found in verse 18. The Lord gives testimony of being alive, dead, and now alive. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the manifestation of His "power".

The "program" of Jesus Christ is found in verse 19 where John is told to write about those things in the "past", those things that are "happening at that time", and those things, which happen "hereafter". The things found "hereafter" are found in Revelation 4-22, which we will eventually get to in our devotions.

The "resurrection", which is the "cornerstone of our faith", is also the "foundation of Bible prophecy". The "resurrected" Jesus Christ proves His authority to foretell the future as the authoritative Word of God, the One who does indeed know the future.

PRAYER THOUGHT: Thank You Lord, the One who knows the future, because Your are the "resurrected One", for revealing the future to me and all that read your "Word".