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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ezekiel 48:1

Now these are the names of the tribes.
For further study – Ezekiel 48:1-35

In the text that is in front of us today, Ezekiel 48, for our devotional we see the "faithfulness" of God in keeping His promises. The Lord made a promise to Abraham and to Moses about the "land" that He will give the Jewish people and this passage is the "title deed" for the Jews.

The entire chapter, as you read it, is sometimes difficult to understand. The Lord is telling the "twelve tribes" of Jacob that they will get a piece of real estate that will be theirs forever.

This list is only one of 38 different passages in the Bible that gives us information on the exact borders for each of the tribes. Space will not allow for all this information, so let me give you a summary of these passages.

God will be giving the Jews ten times what they have today. The actual borders start near the Nile River in Egypt extending north to the Euphrates River, taking in half of Egypt, all of Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

The borders go south along the Euphrates to the Persian Gulf, which will take in half of Iraq and three quarters of Saudi Arabia. All of this real estate is promised to the Jewish people. Ezekiel starts to reveal only a portion of all that God will give the Jews.

The late President Assad of Syria said that the problem in the Middle East is the Jews believe that God has given them all of this land. It is true, God has given all this land to the Jews, to be theirs during the Kingdom to come.

Until that time there will be "major conflicts" between the Jews and their "enemies" listed in the pages of God’s Word. These conflicts, the fight by these listed nations to keep the Jews from getting this land, will not negate God’s promises and plans for the Jews.

The reason that He will follow through on these promises is found in Ezekiel 36, another passage on the "land" that will be given to the Jewish people, Ezekiel 36:22.

The Lord talks about the Jews returning to the "land" and He tells them the land will be producing for them all that they may need in the way of food, clothing and shelter. Then He tells them that what He is doing is not for them but for "His holy namesake."

This verse in Ezekiel, Ezekiel 36:22, is applicable to Ezekiel’s promise on the land in our devos for today. The Jews will get this land, for His holy namesake.

However, before this land will be given to the members of the twelve tribes, there will be seven years of judgment, the Tribulation, a time when the "conflicts" spoken of earlier will intensify. We can already see that beginning to happen.

In these days we can see the stage being set for all the prophetic passages in God’s Word, especially those prophecies written by the ancient Jewish Prophet Ezekiel in our devotional scripture for today. These prophecies will be fulfilled and seemingly in the near future. Remember, the Rapture is next, and that could be today.

PRAYER THOUGHT: Thank you Lord for making it so clear what will happen in the last days. Help me to pay closer attention to your plan so that I will be better prepared for the Rapture and to live pure and productive in light of this.