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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Psalm 132:13

For the LORD hath chosen Zion; he hath desired it for his habitation.

For further study - Psalm 132:1-18

This Psalm is one of the Psalms that King Solomon wrote, and he wrote it in honor of his father David and the promise that God had made to his father, the Davidic Covenant.

David had passed from the scene and now Solomon prepared, by prayer to the Lord for provision and direction, for building the permanent worship center that David wanted to have been able to build.

The Lord had promised his father that there would be a Temple in Jerusalem and that King David's son would sit on the throne in Jerusalem and this would be the case forever as well, II Samuel 7, (The Davidic Covenant).

Solomon opens his prayer calling upon the Lord to remember the promise that He made to David. Solomon was eager to do the work of the Lord to build the Temple in Jerusalem.

In fact, Solomon tells the Lord that he would be willing to not go into his own home and go to bed and sleep until he had found the place where the Lord would dwell among His people, the Jewish people.

Solomon set the example that we should follow, the Lord's work comes before our own need for sleep. The Lord assured Solomon that He would fulfill his father David's desire to build a "permanent dwelling place" for the Lord.

Then, the Lord tells Solomon and all saints down through the ages that, in fact, He has chosen Jerusalem as the location on earth where He will dwell among His people, the Jewish people, forever, verses 13-14.

This was the Lord's plan from eternity past and is the reason that King David purchased the threshing floor from Ornon the Jebusite, I Chronicles 21:18-30. It's the reason that King David made Jerusalem the "political capital" of the Jewish people, II Samuel 5, and also, the "spiritual capital" of the Jews, II Samuel 6.

God, in eternity past, chose Jerusalem as His eternal abode among His people, the Jewish people. It is the reason the Lord had Solomon to build the first Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

This is also the reason that Jerusalem has been a center of controversy in the past. It's the reason that Jerusalem is so controversial today and it will continue to be that way until the Lord Jesus comes to build His permanent Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and to dwell among His people, forever.

However, I must remind you that there is another event before the return of the Lord to earth to build His Temple, in fact this next event, the Rapture happens at least seven years before the Lord’s return. The truth be-known, the Rapture could happen today. Keep looking up.

PRAYER THOT: Help me Lord, to realize as I watch the controversy surrounding Jerusalem today, to realize Your plan for Your city and how close that plan may be to fulfillment.