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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Psalm 2:6

Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion.

For further study - Psalm 2:1-12

What a powerful passage of scripture the Psalmist gives to us, actually a very prophetic passage of Scripture. In essence we are reading for today the order of the establishment of the Kingdom to be set up in Jerusalem. This will be an eternal Kingdom to be ruled over by the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

Let's take a journey through this Psalm, with the Kingdom in mind, and notice how it comes to pass. Verse one reveals that the heathen, Gentiles, will rise to power as the leaders of the world. These Gentile world powers will continue to gain power and control in the world all the way up to the Lord's return.

It will be these Gentile nations, who come against God and His chosen people with the intention of destroying them, Psalm 2:2-3. God's reaction is very interesting. The Lord actually laughs, Psalm 2:4, at His enemies. This is laughter that comes from awareness that the Gentile world leaders are unable to do what they want to do, that is to destroy His people, the Jews, and His plan for the End Times.

However, it is at this time that the world leaders believe they are really what they think they are, when the Lord unleashes His wrath against them. He will do this from His "holy hill of Zion", which is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. In this passage the Lord God gives His power and position to His Son, Jesus Christ, Psalm 2:7. God will give the heathen, the Gentile world, to His Son, Psalm 2:8, and Jesus will break them in pieces, like a potters vessel.

The "Lord's Kingdom", which is in perfect harmony with all prophetic passages that relate to this coming period of time, is yet in the future.

In the last three verses of our extended reading, Psalm 2:9-12, we see that the Lord, and prophecy are very practical. Since this is the way history will be played out in the future the Psalmist suggest that the readers must be wise.

This is suggested to the kings and judges of the earth. Then he instructs the people of the world to serve the Lord with fear, which is the beginning of wisdom.

I love this next instruction, "Kiss the Son". Kiss Jesus Christ, in other words, honor, love, obey and serve the Son of God. Then the Psalmist tells of the blessings that will come to them that put their trust in Him.

This wonderful chapter is evidence that prophecy tells of the future and the Lord's rule and reign from Jerusalem. But it also reveals to us how practical prophecy is as well. It recommends the study of prophecy to you and me for the blessing we will receive and the motivation to live for Him and serve Him until He comes to call us up to be with Him at the Rapture, which precedes the establishment of His Kingdom by seven years.

The "truth be known", the Rapture can take place at any time, and it could be today!

PRAYER THOT: Help me to understand prophecy so that it becomes practical in my daily life.