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Friday, March 8, 2013

I John 3:3

And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.

For further study - I John 3:1-5 

Though our extended reading is a short five verses today, it is power-packed. This passage will contradict the "worlds" philosophy today. Someone mentioned to me once the title of the song from the islands, that is a philosophy of life for many people. The song, "Don't worry, be happy."

That is the driving force in the lives of many people today, to be "happy." The possibility of being happy is based upon "happenings", in other words what is happening around you.

John reveals to us that real "joy" not "happiness" is based on what the Father has done for us. In fact, John warns us that the "happenings" will be tough since the "world", all those outside of Jesus, will have little or no relationship with us.

There is nothing new about this reaction, we should expect it, since the world had no relationship with Jesus either. The world will not understand our relationship with Jesus, a relationship like a husband and a wife. By the way, the book of I John was written that we may have "full joy" in Him, I John 1:4.

I John 3:1 let’s us know that the Fathers love has been bestowed upon each of us so that we shall be called the "sons of God", children of God.

Then John answers an often-asked question, "What will we be like in heaven?" The truth is that I am incapable of explaining that to you except for what John wrote to us, "when He appears we shall be like Him", verse 2.

The question of how will we be in the future will only be answered when Jesus comes again. Speaking of the Lord's return, the reality of that event happening is our hope, our "blessed hope". That "hope" that is within our being is that which will, or should, make us pure.

Because that hope is within us, we must "purify ourselves". Jesus sets the example, He is pure, and He sets the standard for purity.

I told you this short passage would be "power-packed". The Father's love has been poured out on us and has made us the children of God, children who don't know yet what we will be like except we will be like Him when He returns and appears before us.

These truths are made manifest in our lives as we, in anticipation of His coming, go about purifying ourselves, even as He is pure.

A continuing study of Bible prophecy and the understanding of current events as they are setting the stage for these prophecies to be fulfilled will help us to look for Him to come and to change us into His image. This knowledge will also help us to purify ourselves.

PRAYER THOT: Keep me focused on your soon return and my understanding of how close that could be, which is that hope that purifies.