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Saturday, April 19, 2008

John 2:11

This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him.

For further study - John 2:1-12

The portion for our reading today is the record of the very first miracle that Jesus Christ did during His three and a half years of ministry. He healed the lame, restored sight to the blind, cast demons out of people, and even raised the dead. However, the first miracle was the making of wine out of water for the wedding guests at a wedding that He and His disciples were attending.

There is much I want to share with you from this passage of Scripture. Notice the comment in John 2:1 that on the third day of the wedding Jesus came with His disciples to a gathering that His mother was attending. It is referring to the 7-day feast that follows the marriage ceremony of a Jewish couple. Even today, Jewish families celebrate the new marriage of their loved ones or friends for this 7-day period.

That will also be the case at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Revelation 19, when, for 7 years, Christians married to Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom, will celebrate in the heavens that wedding. By the way, that is the reason the wine had run out for the guests. There were more that showed up than the father of the bride had expected.

The text tells us that the mother of Jesus asked Him to make “wine out of water”. The truth is, that what Jesus did was not for the convenience of the wedding guests. He did no miracle for convenience but to confirm His Messianic claims. This is the case here also. I will prove that from the text in a moment.

But first, look at what actually happened. Jesus told His disciples to fill the 6 water pots full of water - but notice that they were special water pots. John 2:6 says “they were for the purifying of the Jews”.

In other words, these pots had water with ashes of the red heifer in them. This ashen water was for purifying the Jews making them pure.

As we look to the future from this point in history in John 2, we know that the “blood of Jesus” makes us pure, not ashes of a red heifer in water. Jesus, with this miracle, took back the red heifer ordinance, Numbers 19, the purification process for all who come unto Him, thus, water to wine with the wine as always symbolic of “His blood”.

Remember I said no miracle for convenience but confirmation. The miracle in John 2:11 was the first He did to manifest His glory and His disciples believed on Him.

One final thought, the next temple does need a red heifer and its ashes because it is not Messiah's Temple but the temple of the Antichrist. There is now a red heifer ready to fulfill that need.

PRAYER THOT: Thank you, Lord, for Your word that records the events of Your life which confirm Your Messianic claims.