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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Luke 1:37

For with God nothing shall be impossible.

For further study - Luke 1:1-38

I love the Christmas story as told by Matthew, the tax collector, and "Dr." Luke. These two men write about the most amazing, miraculous birth in the history of the world in only four chapters, Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2.

In fact, these two writers of the Gospels only use 168 verses to tell this marvelous story. The verse I have chosen to be highlighted, verse 37, says it all for this story, "nothing is impossible for God."

Look at the characters in this drama. There is this old couple that have not had any children because the wife had a “barren womb”. Her husband is one of the elderly priests serving at the Temple, about 6 miles from their home in Ein Karem, in the Judean forest outside of Jerusalem.

The Priest Zacharias, was chosen, “by lot”, to offer the incense on the “altar of incense” - a special privilege for any priest. It is when he is performing his duties that the archangel Gabriel appears to tell Zacharias that his wife was going to have a child - something that Zacharias thought was impossible. In fact, because of his unbelief, he was made dumb - unable to speak - until the eighth day of his son's life.

From the Temple we journey north some 90 miles to the very small village in the Galilee known as Nazareth. Here, once again, the impossible will be discussed by Gabriel and a young virgin girl who was engaged to a man whose name was Joseph.

The young bride to be, Mary, when told by Gabriel that she was to birth the Messiah would respond by asking how that could be, since she had never had a sexual relationship with any man, verse 34.

God loves the “impossible”, in fact, nothing is impossible with God, verse 37. Out of the impossible, God would bring forth His Son, the one He would give the “throne” of His father David, verse 32. Remember, God made a covenant with King David, II Samuel 7, that one of his sons would sit on the throne of the King in a Temple in the city of Jerusalem one day.

The Prophet Jeremiah said that the sun, moon and stars would disappear before He broke His covenant with David, Jeremiah 33:20-21. By the way, it is impossible for the sun, moon and stars to disappear and it is impossible for God to break His covenant with King David. I guess there are some things impossible for God, those things which He said He can not do.

You know the miraculous “first coming” of Jesus sets the stage for the “second coming” of Jesus. It lays the foundation upon which we can rest assured He will keep His promise. I love the Christmas story.

PRAYER THOT: Thank you Lord that you will do that which seems impossible - you will come again soon!